Rebecca Reed lives on a farm in rural Indiana, while Rebecca Yauger lives a suburban life outside Dallas, Texas. Rebecca Reed loves audio books. Rebecca Yauger loves Kindle and print books. Rebecca Reed writes historical romance and YA fantasy, and Rebecca Yauger writes Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Can two aspiring authors with such different backgrounds come together over one topic? If that topic is BOOKS – then the answer is YES!

Join: Our New Bookish Adventure

You’re invited for a little R&R as Rebecca and Rebecca talk books! What moved us, what distracted us, and what inspires us with our writing journey. We’ll also talk to the authors and learn more about them and their writing process. We’ll read, write and review our way through a variety of genres, styles and more and share our thoughts with you.

Discover: The Story

As readers, we’ll review a book every other month, giving our own special ratings, talking about characters, settings, conflict, and impact. As writers, we’ll go more in-depth about the writing with sentence structure, tension, and pacing. Looking for a comp title? Discover if this book could be it! Here are our recent reviews.

Experience: Behind the Story

But that’s not all! The following month, we’ll interview the author of the book to learn more about them and their work. If you love books, this is the place to be. Let’s have some fun!

Our interview with Lisa Phillips, author of Wilderness Hunt is up now on You Tube, on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Up Next: Our review of Dear Henry, Love Edith by debut novelist Becca Kinzer posts in March.

Not all those who wander are lost.


What We Believe

We, the Rebeccas, believe books and the stories they contain are powerful and life-changing for both the reader and the writer. That’s why we not only review the books, but also interview the creative minds behind them.

Join us in our adventures through the power of story. We’ll travel to unknown lands and exotic settings, meet fascinating characters and watch them change, adapt, and grow. Perhaps we’ll see something of ourselves along the way. And learn some truth in those imaginary worlds that will help in our all-too-real one.

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