Review of “Wilderness Hunt” and Interview with author Lisa Phillips

Rebecca and Rebecca review “Wilderness Hunt” by Lisa Phillips on You Tube, Spotify, and wherever you listen to podcasts. Rebecca and Rebecca’s interview with author Lisa Phillips is now up on You Tube, Spotify, and more. Join us as we dig into the book and talk with the author!

Book Review and Interview with Kate Angelo – “Driving Force”

Rebecca and Rebecca review Driving Force, by Kate Angelo. This is the first book in the new Elite Guardians Collection based on characters created by Lynette Eason. We also interview the talented and fun Kate Angelo. Here’s the review of Driving Force on You Tube. You can find our interview with Kate Angelo here. OrContinue reading “Book Review and Interview with Kate Angelo – “Driving Force””

Interview with Erica Vetsch

Our interview with Erica Vetsch, author of The Debutante’s Code is now up on You Tube. Join us for a fun and lively discussion, and hints about the next book in the Thorndike and Swann mysteries. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Erica was kind enough to answer some writing questions for us. Click here to read moreContinue reading “Interview with Erica Vetsch”